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Vous êtes adhérent de AAA, vous avez accès au Logiciel de réservation du centre sportif de Bel Air. L'adhésion vous donne accès a la section Loisir. Vous devez recevoir un badge AAA sinon contact  

The AAA Catamaran Corpo section aims at providing advanced catamaran training with expert trainers from Yacht Club Villeneuve-Loubet

The training takes place every Wednesday lunch time (12h15 - 13h30) - possibly later on Saturdays if free spaces appears.

How to become member and how much it costs:
    1. Register online to the AAA Catamaran section  : 20 EUR (Link here)
    2. Buy Training Card for 10 training sessions : 80 EUR (Link here)

Please inform Yann Meheut by Mail or Jabber for adding you in Doodle and mailing list.
Once Doodle link received, register you in next coming sessions.

See you soon on board

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